This is what it's like to pick up your Tesla Model S electric car! (video)

Fully Charged picks up Tesla
Screen capture Youtube

Let's live vicariously!

The greenest way to buy a car is vicariously, right? Dreaming doesn't hurt the environment (at least scientists haven't found anything yet), so let's live through Robert from the Fully Charged show and find out what the experience is like when you buy (or in this case, lease) an electric car from Tesla and go pick it up for the first time at the Tesla service center.

Fully Charged picks up TeslaYoutube/Screen capture

Tesla puts on quite a show for its customers, trying to give a premium experience, and that makes sense, as after all, the electric car is quite expensive. It's not clear if the more affordable Model 3 coming in a couple years will have quite the same white glove service.

What's interesting about this video is that it's not just a "wow, look at the car!" affair, but it's also a pretty nice tour of the various features of the Model S, including the onboard computer with the large iPad-like touchscreen. Check it out:

Fully Charged picks up TeslaYoutube/Screen capture

Via Youtube

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