What is Illegal in this Volkswagen Ad?

VW Polo Blue Motion Locked to Bike Stand with Bike Lock image

What is illegal about this ad showing a Volkswagen Polo Blue Motion chained to a bike rack? Sorry, bicyclists. It's not the provocative suggestion that automobiles further invade bicycles' territory.

Volkswagen has launched an advertising campaign promoting the accessibility of innovative environmentally friendly technology in automobiles, in line with their reputation as the folks' wagon. And no one disputes that the Polo Blue Motion, with 62mpg (3.8L/100km) and less than 100 grams of CO2 per km is an example of affordable eco-technology. But the Association for Protection of the Environment and Nature of Germany (BUND) has challenged the Volkswagen Ads as illegal. So what is illegal about this Volkswagen ad? Or similar ads by BMW, Ford, Mercedes or Opel? All of these advertisments violate the EU law 1999/94/EC which requires that:

promotional material (advertisements in newspapers, posters, brochures) used in marketing new cars must contain fuel consumption and CO2 emissions data.

All this comes just as automakers fight proposals under German Chancellor Merkel's ambitious climate change strategy to limit CO2 output from autos to 120 grams/km by 2012. Which still does not explain why best-in-class autos like the Polo Blue Motion do not meet the requirement to publish emissions on ads--just when fuel efficiency finally interests customers. Volkswagen should set a better example. VW has the goods; they have struggled to achieve a breakthrough of record-breaking auto technology in the marketplace.

So message to VW, and by BMW, Ford, Mercedes, and Opel: It's the law, and consumers want to know. Make better cars, and then scream it from the rooftops. (But stay out of our bike parking zone!)

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