What is this electric Tesla doing at a gas station?

Tesla gas station
Screen capture Youtube

In a world where gasoline costs $11.50/gallon, a slick Tesla pulls up at a gas station's fuel pumps and... the front trunk (aka the 'frunk') opens to reveal fuel canisters. No explanation is given about why that is, though the folks at Autoblog Green have theorized that maybe to help a poor non-electric car drive who ran out of fuel. That's not a bad guess...

In any case, I suppose the backstory doesn't matter too much; this is an ad for fancy wheels, so the electric car is just a prop. But I think it's interesting, and telling about the zeitgeist, that a luxury accessory maker is using an electric car to peddle its wares rather than some exotic gasoline-burner. This wouldn't have been even considered a few short years ago.

Via Youtube, ABG

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