Wha..?! Tiny Electric Car Takes the Subway (Pics)


Photo: MagnusMathisen, Reddit

Sorry ma'am, am I parked on your foot?
It's not every day that you see this combination of green transportation methods. It's common to see bicycles on buses, but not electric cars on the subway! At first glance it might look like a 'sociopatically lazy' person decided to take the train, but in fact, this car is probably a tiny electric vehicle made for mobility disabled people. More details below.


Photo: Kenguru Cars

It's Kind of Cute... and Life-Changing if You're in a Wheelchair
As you can see, the model on the photo above is a bit different (look at the roof), but it seems to be a Kenguru Car. The website explains:

Are you ready for change? Tired of expensive, fuel-inefficient and poorly designed wheel-chair additions for vans? Looking for independence and the convenience of getting easily into the car with your own wheelchair? And looking good at the same time?

I can help you with all of the questions. Let me introduce myself: I am the KENGURU CRUISER. I'm a small, efficient, closed body type wheel-chair fitting vehicle that provides very easy and quick access. With me, you can travel independently and conveniently up to 110 kilometres at the maximum speed of 45 km/h. [...]

In daily operation, my efficiency will help you to save a lot of money. In order to run 100 kilometres (60 miles), I only use electric power equal to the cost of two litres of petrol. This calculation includes the following: a daily charge (cost of electricity), the annual maintenance of the batteries and even the cost of the new batteries (every 2 years).

This is another underrated benefit of electric vehicles: they can be operated in all kinds of places where gas motors would not be welcome. Now I'm not saying it was the best idea ever to drive the Kenguru on the subway, but I suppose that as long as the other passengers don't mind (it doesn't look like they do) and there's a ramp at the station that allows it to get in and out, who am I to complain?


Photo: Kenguru Cars

By the way, the picture in the subway was apparently taken in Oslo, Norway.

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Via Reddit, BoingBoing
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