Wayback Machine 1941: No Gas? No Problem.

Design and innovation continues to be our best opportunity for dealing with the triple threat of climate change, the end of oil and recession. One could sit in the dark and complain or pretend it is not happening, as many people do in the face of adversity, or one can adapt and look for solutions. In World War II when fuel was rationed or unavailable, people found ingenious alternatives. At top: "A Londoner pedals to work in a "Velocar," of French origin. In the two-seater model both driver and passenger provide the motive power of the toylike car."

Below: "The fuel famine is bringing back motors reminiscent of earlier days, and even leg power. Remembering the electric automobiles of a generation ago you'd hardly recognize the streamline coupe above as a battery-driven car, but such it is, seen touring the streets of Paris at thirty miles an hour. Batteries are charged overnight." ::Modern Mechanix

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