Wayback Machine 1936: Broadcasting Power To Your Car

The tinfoil hat brigade with have a field day with this- a proposal to build towers along the highways that broadcast electricity as radio waves, to be picked up by an antenna on the roof of your car and converted to electricity. It is not dissimilar to some schemes that have been proposed to bring solar power from space via microwaves.

"AUTOS operated on radio fuel may become a reality if the present consumption of oil continues and no new oil sources are discovered. One engineer boldly suggests a network of "radio highways" consisting of huge broadcast transmitters capable of sending out signals which would be converted into motive power. Provided with special radio energy converters automobiles would be silently operated by powerful electric motors. By simply throwing a switch on the dash the motors would be put into motion, eliminating starters, noise and dangerous carbon monoxide gas."


Bigger still at ::Modern Mechanix

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