Walking in London

A new website called WalkIt is trying to encourage people to walk rather than take public transport or taxis. You enter your start and end points, and the website gives you a map and other useful details.

The site told me that walking from my flat to work at a medium pace would burn 326 calories, and that the same journey in a car would output 1.90 kg of carbon emissions.

From the site, "We think walking in and around town can be a smart choice. No timetables to keep to, no journey delays, no overcrowding, healthy, green, free, direct, access to services (and sunlight!) en route.".

It's London-only at the moment, which makes sense because the city is more complex than US cities (none of this block system for us), so it's harder to get from A to B by foot. In a city where a 400 metre, one way journey can cost £4 ($8), I think that this site will soon gain a lot of users.

Walking in London
The site told me that walking from my flat to

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