Walking Buses - Providing Safe Routes to School


Strangely, we don't appear to have covered 'walking buses' yet. No, they are not Fred Flintstone-style mass transit, but a neat, safe way for kids to get to school. They originate in the UK and, according to walkingbus.com they are "the nearest activity to perfect exercise." Essentially, each walking bus has an adult 'driver' at the front and and an adult 'conductor' at the back. The 'bus' runs along a specific route picking up 'passengers' at specific 'bus-stops' along the way. The bus runs "rain or shine and everyone wears a reflective jacket. Along the way children can chat to their friends, learn valuable road safety skills and gain some independence." Seems to us like the perfect way to beat childhood obesity, increase road safety awareness, reduce oil dependence, combat climate change, and create friendlier, healthier, safer communities. We love it! Apparently, after a walking bus was introduced at one UK school, the rate of kids walking to school shot up from 48% to 75%. Hopefully these kids will retain their enthusiasm for self-propelled transport long after they outgrow the 'bus'.

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