Walk To Work Day

In Australia, WTWD is 7 October. (In the US it's on April Fools day - nice choice!) The Pedestrian Council down here have several aims for promoting the day. These include: better physical, mental & social health, reduction in car-dependency, improved use of public transport (less traffic, improved air quality, plus reductions of unnecessary vehicle emissions and global warming. Of course they are not suggesting you you perambulate the whole way to work, if that is, like 15km away, but they do want you to leave the car at home and get some exercise. As they say "It took human beings a million years to learn how to walk and fi fty years to forget." Employers and councils are encouraged to support the event, as it benefits them also (for example, "work-place physical activity programs have been shown to greatly reduce sick leave and increase productivity"). For more info, stroll over to ::Walk To Work Day