Walk Score Adds Transit to its City Rankings

Image credit: La Citta Vita

Lloyd raved about Walk Score's online ranking of walkability of cities. The site's ranking of the top ten pedestrian-friendly US cities got Kenny's attention, as did the ten least walkable cities too. But a good thing just got even better, because Walk Score will now let you track access to transit too, as well as a cost calculator to figure out just how much you'll pay to get around at any particular location. We heard the news that Walk Score was adding transit via Tim Varga at Terrapass. The idea, says Tim, is to give people direct, actionable and reliable feedback on just how easy it is to move around a particular city without a car. The more we can encourage people to factor in walkability and mass transit into their decisions on home buying, the sooner we'll see city planner, corporations and communities stepping up to meet the challenge:

"A holistic view of the cost of your home should include transportation, after all - except for you few telecommuting homesteaders (and boy do I envy you!) - you need to leave your house to get to work, school, the grocery store, the movies, and all the rest."

Feedback can be a powerful thing—maybe LEED builders will even embrace walkability. Check out Walk Score to find out how your community rates.

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