Walk Don't Run

We know that that we are supposed to walk more, and we know that we should get off the subway a stop earlier than our destination and walk the last bit etc. etc. But it is so hard to get started, and so easy to jump on a bus (or into the car) instead of doing the right thing. A handy website for Londoners, and those lucky folks in Birmingham and Edinburgh (why there?) will make the choice a lot easier, and a lot more fun. Called Walkit, it gives a map of the walking route to any place in those cities. And it tries to make it the most pedestrian friendly and nicest one too. For those geographically-challenged, it also gives landmarks along the way to make sure that you are still going in the right direction.

Just to make it even more enticing, the site gives the distance and walking time for slow, medium or fast walkers and the number of calories burned for each one. Surprisingly, and sadly, there is only a 38 calorie difference between slow and fast on an hour-long walk. It also gives the CO2 avoided by not taking the car, taxi, or bus on the same route. :: Walkit.com

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