VW Trying to Market Diesel to Americans with "Coffee Filter Test"


It's the Pepsi Challenge All Over Again
It has been changing in the past few years, but most Americans still don't have a very good opinion of diesel light vehicles. Since VW has many diesel cars that it would like to bring over to the US in the next few years, it has a big incentive to work on changing that perception, and that's why the "coffee filter test" ad tries to do (you can see the video below).

The ad's not exactly scientific, and it's possible that the old diesel car they found to test the big diesel SUV against wasn't representative of the average diesel vehicle of yesterday, but it's still a good way to illustrate visually - in a way that anyone can understand - that current diesel technology has made big improvements.

But what would really be good would be for VW and other carmakers that have bet a lot on diesel engines to find a way to make the emission control system work with B100 biodiesel. With a lot of R&D; going into algae biodiesel, it would be sad if only small quantities of it could be used (B5, B10) in the diesel vehicles of tomorrow.

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