Volkswagen to Sell Turbocharged Plug-In Hybrid Golf in 2015

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MKVII Golf to be Electrified

While the diesel-hybrid version of the Golf that was announced a few years ago ended up dead before arrival, it looks like VW enthusiasts might get the next best thing with the MKVII version of the Golf.

It will be offered with a hybrid drivetrain that, according to AutoExpress, will be based on a lithium-ion battery pack that can be recharged from the grid (in other words, it will be a plug-in hybrid). The current prototype is powered by a 1.4-litre TSI turbo gas engine mated to a 80Kw electric motor.

"VW says the Golf will have an electric-only range of around 30 miles and should be able to return 141mpg with overall CO2 emissions as low as 46g/km." (that MPG figure is based on imperial gallons, so the US MPG - while still impressive - would be lower).

Via AutoExpress

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Volkswagen to Sell Turbocharged Plug-In Hybrid Golf in 2015
The MKVII version of the Volkswagen Golf will be available with a hybrid drivetrain, a first for the German Golf.

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