VW Group launches Electrify Canada

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The network of charging stations is spreading across the continent.

When Electrify America revealed its map of proposed charging stations, I noted that this one initiative alone could go along way toward reducing range anxiety and increasing the viability of long-distance electric travel.

But that only applied within the United States.

Now Volkswagen has announced that it is also launching Electrify Canada—a new company that will build an ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) direct current (DC) charging network across Canada. The network is expected to be operational by 2019.

Crucially, according to the press release, the network looks set to incorporate two important trends we've seen emerging in the charging sector: namely multiple charging stations per location, as well as faster rate charging that's "future proofed" to meet the needs of cars that are only just now starting to come on the market:

The initial plan includes the installation of 32 EV charging sites near major highways and in major metro areas in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. Each charging site will have four chargers on average and use the non-proprietary DC fast charging technologies (CCS and CHAdeMO). Charging power will range from 150kW to 350kW for the expected longer range, larger battery vehicles coming to market and will also deliver 50kW charging power to support today’s EVs from all automotive manufacturers.

Presumably, the company will also follow in the footsteps of its cousin to the South and use convenient locations such as big box retailers as locations too, providing drivers with something to do as they plug in and charge up.

Maybe Lloyd will be able to realize his dream after all and get an electric VW microbus to drive across the country.

VW Group launches Electrify Canada
The network of charging stations is spreading across the continent.

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