VW Diesel Lasts 562,000 Miles, Still Going


Syl Schmid has been driving his VW Jetta for 21 years, and has managed to put 562,000 miles on the clock. That's a rather high average of 26,762 miles a year, but Schmid says he reguarly got over 50 mpg. Keeping a car in good condition like this, and getting this sort of usage is probably the greenest sort of motoring you can do. The energy cost of producing the car has been spread over so many miles that it represents a very low footprint per mile.The car is all the more impressive when you consider that the drivetrain and muffler are both original, so it's not a mountain of spare parts that has kept this car going - it's just been well made and well looked after. However, VW have ruined this good story by offering him a Touareg V10 TDI to drive for six-months - Schmid's days of green motoring are over. Over for six months that is, which seems a little tight of VW. Perhaps a more appropriate gift would have been a complete restoration and overhaul of the VW, ensuring that it can get a few hundred thousand more miles - it would be even better PR for the company if it can reach a million miles. ::Auto Blog Green


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