Volvo to Make Plug-in Diesel Hybrid Car in 2012

volvo v70 diesel hybrid  crash test photo

Above is a Volvo V70 diesel plug-in hybrid demonstrator being crash tested (you can see that the battery pack is intact even after the "full scale" crash). Photo: Volvo
To Launch in Europe at First
Volvo has announced that it would introduce a diesel-electric hybrid in Europe in 2012. We don't know everything about it, but the information that is out so far makes it sound promising: "It will be able to be driven up to 50 kilometres [31 mile, sufficient to cover the daily transport needs of 75% of European drivers] on pure electric power and when running on the battery, emissions from the exhaust pipe will be non-existent. If the battery is recharged using electricity from renewable sources, the net emission of CO2 will be close to zero, even in a lifecycle perspective." Volvo dealerships, in a deal with Vattenfall, will even offer their customers special contracts to purchase green power from their utility.
volvo v70 diesel-hybrid photo

Photo: Volvo

The combined range using both the battery and the diesel fuel is about 1,200 kilometers (746 miles).

Volvo writes:

According to the standardised NEDC certification driving cycle, CO2 emissions from Volvo's plug-in hybrid will be lower than 50 grams/kilometre. Cars with emissions below 50 grams of CO2/kilometre will probably have the most favourable incentives in many European countries. In addition to tax relief, these countries will offer a discount of about 5000 euros on the purchase price, a move that is expected to set the standard for the rest of Europe too.

Fuel consumption is 1.9 liters/100 km (124 mpg US) based on the NEDC certification driving cycle.

Volvo and Vattenfall have been testing a diesel-electric hybrid drivetrain in modified V70 Volvos this summer (with a 11.3 kWh Li-ion battery pack).

Via Volvo, Green Car Congress
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