Volvo to Make Plug-In Diesel Hybrid Based on V60 Wagon in 2012

volvo v60 diesel hybrid photo
Photo: Volvo

A lot of people have been waiting for a very long time for a production diesel-hybrid model. A couple years ago, it looked like Volkswagen was going to make a diesel-hybrid Golf, but a few months later it was canceled because "too expensive for production". Then in the fall of 2009, some details started to surface about the development of a diesel-hybrid by Volvo, but it wasn't clear on which model it would be based, or if Geely (Volvo's new owner) was interested in bringing that project to fruition. Now we have an answer to both those questions.

volvo v60 diesel hybrid photo
Photo: Volvo

Volvo's CEO Stefan Jacoby told Sweden's Dagens Industri that the company's first plug-in diesel-hybrid will be based on the V60. Jacoby also confirmed that the launch was stilled planned for 2012.

The engine combination will be diesel and electricity. The plug-in hybrid vehicle will have carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of 49 gr/km, DI said. The most generous state support has the limit at just 50 gr/km, DI pointed out.

According to plan, the vehicle will use a big battery that is recharged at home for five hours, which should be sufficient for 50 km (31 miles).

50g/km of CO2 would be great (for comparison, the Toyota Prius is around 105g/km), though as with all plug-in hybrids, the actual amount of CO2 emitted will heavily depend on driving habits and on electricity sources.

volvo v60 diesel hybrid photo
Photo: Volvo

The prototypes, which use the V70 model as a mule, have a 11.3 kWh Li-ion battery pack. You can see images from a crash-test and some schematics showing the engine and battery pack here.

Via Nordic Business Report, Autoblog Green

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