Volvo Premiers Hybrid System for Trucks and Busses


After last week's post on Volvo's plans for a second carbon-neutral factory, someone was kind enough to point out the irony of a CO2-free truck plant that still makes conventional trucks. Well, the irony was not lost and Volvo announced this week a hybrid system for trucks and busses that can achieve 35% fuel savings. Volvo's new parallel diesel/electric hybrid, with its regenerative braking system, is best suited to heavy vehicles making frequent stops like delivery trucks, busses, and trash haulers. Volvo President and CEO Leif Johansson: "The hybrid is a long-term and highly interesting solution for efficient and environmentally-adapted transport activities. We are aware that oil prices for our customers will rise, and therefore, all solutions that reduce fuel consumption are highly attractive. The diesel engine in our hybrid solution can also be operated using biofuels, and consequently, transport activities can be conducted without carbon dioxide emissions. This paves the way for interesting developments toward long-term sustainable transport solutions." :: Volvo and Green Car Congress

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