Volvo Lasts 2.5 Million Miles


Yesterday we reported that a VW had lasted 562,000 miles. We were impressed at the cars durability, and how small the production footprint of the car was in relation to the number of miles it had driven. We didn't realise though, that half a million miles is nothing for some people. We've since uncovered a Volvo driver who has done five times this much. Irv Gordon's Volvo P1800 has covered a massive 2.45 million miles in the forty years he has owned it. "It was far and away the best $4,150 I've ever spent," said Gordon.He has driven all over America, Mexico, Holland and Germany, as well as to Sweden to see where his P1800 was built. Although it's not green to make unnecessary car trips, you have to admire that. He claims to be the only person who has ever driven the car too, so all those miles are attributed to him. "If you would have told me 40 years ago I'd still be driving this beautiful car, and that I would have driven these many miles, I would have told you 'good.' For one thing, the car just felt right from the beginning. And, what a beautiful country this is; I'm so glad I've had the time and opportunity to take so much of it in."

If only all cars were made that well - there would be far less recycling issues, less spare parts produced and disposed of, less production energy-use and we would all be driving immaculate and stylish classic cars. ::Auto Channel