Volvo 3CC Concept Car

volvo concept car.jpg
Yes, it’s true that I grew up in New England and thus have a soft spot in my heart for Volvos, but man, these things have come a long way since The Preppy Handbook came out. The company’s 3CC concept car is powered by an 80 kW AC induction motor and has a potential driving range of 180 miles. Super ergonomic (its dials even sense when your fingers get close), it also features zero-emissions, ... regenerative braking, and aerodynamic efficiency. But one thing is very different than most of the concept cars we’ve seen to date: unlike the hybrid and fuel cell vehicles we’ve become accustomed to hearing about, 3CC is powered entirely with lithium-ion batteries. Premiered recently at the North American International Auto Show. Via ::Sustainable Business ::Concept Lab Volvo [by MO]