Volkswagen's Polo Blue Motion: 62 MPG of Diesel-Sipping Fun


With gas prices heading for the statosphere (with no signs of coming down), Volkswagen is hoping that it's newest fuel-sipper will appeal to people wanting hybrid-like efficiency at a fraction of the price. The Polo Blue Motion, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show back in February, gets about 62 mpg; while this isn't quite as breathtaking as some of the concepts we've seen (like the 157 mpg Loremo), it's available for sale now (in Germany). Perhaps the most appealing part of VW's new equation: the bottom line checks in at a shade under $20,000. According to, this means that "hybrids may be in the limelight right now, but conventional diesels still hold the upper hand when the right measures are applied." With low-sulphur diesel coming to the States, we might be pumping biodiesel into one of these babies sooner rather than later. via ::Jalopnik