Volkswagen to Make Limited Edition of 1-Liter Car (282 MPG!) in 2010

VW 1-Liter Eco-Car photo

VW's 282 MPG Super Fuel Efficient Car

The 1-Liter car has been around in prototype form since 2002 and greens everywhere have been drooling at its 282 miles per gallon fuel economy (or 1 liter of gasoline per 100 kilometers, hence the name). VW has finally decided to make more and sell them, and a limited edition (estimated in the thousands) should start selling in 2010.

Volkswagen L1 Concept Car Technical Specs

The One-Liter car (or 1-Litre, over in Europe) weights only 660 pounds. The body is made from carbon composites and it is shaped to be extremely slippery, giving it a coefficient of drag of only 0.16 ("the average car comes in around 0.30 and the Honda Insight had a Cd of 0.25"). The prototype was powered by a 1-cylinder diesel engine, but the production model should have a 2-cylinder diesel (which means it could be powered by algae-biodiesel!), and maybe even a stop-start anti-idling feature (to cut the engine when the car is stopped).

VW 1-Liter Eco-Car photo

VW 1-Liter Eco-Car photo
Notice the shape. More cars should take design cues from this highly aerodynamic machine.

Volkswagen L1 Concept Safety Features

The car reportedly has anti-lock brakes, stability control and airbags. According to Canadian Driver, "Volkswagen says the One-Liter Car is as safe as a GT sports car registered for racing. With the aid of computer crash simulations, the car was designed with built-in crash tubes, pressure sensors for airbag control and front crumple zones."

Certainly more high-tech than the souped-down 1959 Opel T-1 that gets 376.59 MPG.

VW 1-Liter Eco-Car photo
This is the interior of the prototype. The production model will no doubt be nicer.

VW 1-Liter Eco-Car photo

1-Liter Car Speculative Pricing

Rumors put the price of the Volkswagen L1 at anywhere between "20,000 to 30,000 Euros (about $31,750 to $47,622)". But if oil prices keep climbing, that might be a bargain in 2010.

VW 1-Liter Eco-Car photo

VW 1-Liter Eco-Car photo

VW 1-Liter Eco-Car photo

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