Volkswagen to Introduce 70 mpg Diesel-Electric Hybrid Golf

VW Golf/Rabbit Diesel Hybrid

According to Channel 4, Volkswagen will unveil a diesel-electric hybrid version of their Golf hatchback (known as the Rabbit in North-America) at the Geneva Motor Show. The information that has filtered out so far is promising: Fuel economy of 83.1 mpg imperial, 69.9 mpg US. Only 89 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer (for comparison, the Toyota Prius hybrid emits 104 g/km).

Also, the diesel engine used in the Golf Hybrid has been developed specifically with the US market in mind, and California in particular, so it will meet all Euro 5 emissions criteria and also pass the stringent Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions standards. Combine this with biodiesel made from algae, and you get a much greener car than what is currently on the road.

VW Golf/Rabbit Diesel Hybrid

Channel 4 writes: "The technology will be used in a number of Volkswagen Group models, including the Jetta saloon [sedan] - which sells in greater numbers in the US than the 'Rabbit' - and the Audi A3."

Why not a plug-in version too?

::Geneva preview: Volkswagen Golf Hybrid, via ::VW Prepares 69 MPG Diesel-electric Hybrid Golf
Update: R.I.P. Volkswagen Golf Turbo-Diesel Hybrid, We Hardly Knew Ya

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