Volkswagen Sharan BlueMotion 7-Seater Has Better Fuel Economy than Most Cars in the U.S.

VW Sharan BlueMotion Minivan photo

Germans are now able to buy a minivan that gets better mileage than most cars in the U.S. Probably better than most compact cars, even. The VW Sharan BlueMotion is a diesel 7-seater that burns 6 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (38 mpg US) and emits 159g/km of CO2 (compared to 177g/km for the non-BlueMotion version, and 104g/km for a Toyota Prius hybrid).

Specifications for the VW Sharan BlueMotion
The engine is a 140hp 2.0L turbo-diesel (TDI) with a particulate filter at the exhaust. With its 70-liter fuel tank, range between fill ups could be almost 700 miles. Prices start at €32,200. Lets hope that Volkswagen will consider bringing it to North-America (with its new cleaner diesel technology). It would be a very practical vehicle for those who need to carry many people, and running on biodiesel (from waste cooking grease or algae, preferably), it would be fairly green (not a bicycle for sure, but better than a lot of what's on the road).

VW Sharan BlueMotion Minivan photo

The vehicle is fitted as standard with a comprehensive range of comfort and safety equipment including air conditioning, seven individual seats, six airbags and ABS.

The Difference between the BlueMotion and Regular Version
The higher fuel efficiency of the BlueMotion verison of the VW Sharan was achieved with longer gear ratios, allowing the engine to keep RPM down. The pressure on the turbocharger was also modified, and the coefficient of drag (the aerodynamism of the vehicle) has been improved from 0.31 to 0.29. Something that should be done on all vehicles, we think...

VW Sharan

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