Virgin Atlantic Adds Hydrogen to Its Green Fuel Credentials


Okay, so Virgin Atlantic, which recently demoed biofuels on a flight, won't be using hydrogen to power its planes anytime soon. However, they will be using three of Chevrolet's hydrogen fuel cell vehicle--the Equinox-- for its "complimentary ground transfer service for upper class passengers" for planes landing at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Richard Branson, the charismatic CEO of Virgin, explained that the program "was one of Virgin's initiatives to reduce the airline's carbon footprint," while "GM's Larry Burns said that it was a perfect endorsement of GM's fuel cell technology and 'an important new avenue for demonstrating the new DNA of the automobile.'"

So with paper tickets gone for good, the EU set to regulate emissions from airlines, Virgin testing biofuels and using alternative fuel vehicles for its fleet and Boeing's Dreamliner using 20% less fuel, is it possible that flying has gone green? Well, let's just say that if so, the Dreamliner was aptly named.

Via: ::Autobloggreen

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