Video: The Making of a Pedestrian-Only Street in Curitiba, Brazil

Rua XV de Novembro
We've already written about Curitiba's great Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, but that's not all the Brazilian city has to teach us. Our friends at StreetFilms write: "In 1972 under the direction of then Mayor Jaime Lerner, it became the first major pedestrian street in Brazil. The first phase of closing the street took place in only 72 hours. At first the project was unpopular, but today is seen as a success and spans 15 blocks." Check out the video below!What's Your Experience With Pedestrian-Only Streets?
Any readers from Curitiba can share their experience with us? Anyone living in a city with a major pedestrian street? Please leave a comment below.

Via StreetFilms
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