Video: The Built-from-Scratch Solar Car

We've taken note of a number of solar car projects around the world, but none may be more interesting than the effort presented in New Farmer Films' YouTube video "Infinity Miles per Gallon: Art Haines and his Solar Car." Haines, a mechanical designer, and eight students from the local high school conceived, designed and built a two-speed solar-electric vehicle that carries two people, covers a 15-20 mile range, and achieves speeds of 25-30 mph. And if you think you recognize that shape, you should: the students decided that the Hummer should serve as the model for their car's outward appearance.

While the concept probably isn't practical for most drivers, the fact that this working vehicle was even built raises a question asked by the video's producers: if Haines and a group of high school kids can do this, why not major automobile manufacturers? ::YouTube via stilgar at Hugg