Video: Recharging Transportation - Alternative Energy Cars

It's a great little video by that shows a few of the greener cars now coming out. There's the Aptera, which we've written about quite extensively, the EVX K1 Attack, a biodiesel hybrid, and the Tesla Roadster electric car. The only strange thing in the video is that, while it seems to have been made for an American audience, the fuel economy (or fuel-equivalent, in the case of the electric cars) are in kilometers/liters. Maybe there's another version that we haven't found that uses MPG?Another interesting thing in the video is that the focus isn't 100% on the cars. There's a brief cut to the charging of an electric car, and the text on screen says "Renewable Energy". That's key. Electric cars and plug-in hybrids are just one half of the equation. By themselves they are already much cleaner than gasoline and diesel cars, but it's really in combination with clean, renewable energy that they shine.

Still better to walk or take your bike, though.

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