Video: Jay Leno Talks with Zero X Electric Motorcycle Inventor

zero X electric motorcycle dirt bike photo

Electric Dirt Bike: Bigger Battery than Prius Hybrid
We wrote about the Zero X last year: It's basically an electric motorcycle powered by non-toxic lithium-ion batteries. The amazing thing about the battery is that it can store 2 kWh vs. 1.31 kWh for the Toyota Prius hybrid's battery (which is NiMH, not li-ion), giving the Zero X a 40 miles range (20 if you really push it).

You can see the video from Jay's Garage and more specs for the Zero X below.
Zero X Electric Motorcycle Technical Specifications
Charing time: 2 hours.

It can take 110 volts or 220 volts.

The transmission is clutchless and has one speed.

The electric motor uses brushed permanent magnets, peaks at 23 hp and 17,400 watts. There is a "High Power Motor Option" that switches the electric motor for a high power German-made motor with 10% more power.

The total weight of the bike is 140 pounds, and it typically costs less than 1 cent per mile for the electricity to run it.

zero X electric motorcycle dirt bike photo

You can learn more at the Zero Motorcycles website.

Via Jay's Garage
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