Video: Fisker Karma Ad During Oscar Night

fisker karma electric car photo

Fisker's Electric Car Going for Glamour
Fisker Automotive probably can't afford a superbowl ad, or even an ad during the Oscars proper, but they know what their primary market is so they took two 60-second ads during the pre-show on Los Angeles television station KTLA.

You can see the video of the ad below.

The ad shows Henrik Fisker, founder of Fisker Automotive, and the Karma plug-in hybrid. Nothing about the recently unveiled Karma S hard-top convertible.


Los Angeles, and the Oscars, are a great match for a car that combines top-shelf luxury with sexy design and environmentally friendly propulsion, company spokesman Russell Datz tells us.

"L.A. is an ideal market because of the people who live there, the money that's there and because of the concerns the people there have for the environment," Datz says.

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