Video-Blog: REVA Electric Car in London

Danny Fleet is a video-blogger who's sharing his electric car ownership experience with the world on his website. He drives an Indian-made REVA, a small 2-door hatchback that can accommodate "2 adults and 2 minors" (according to REVA's FAQ) and has a range of 80 km on one charge (50 miles, the average UK commute is 8 miles/12 km), at an estimated cost of about 1 US cent per kilometer. Also from the FAQ: "Since the REVA does not have an engine, clutch or gears, or a carburetor, radiator, exhaust etc, the maintenance cost is low. Estimates show that the maintenance costs of REVA are 40 % lower than that of a small car over a 3-year ownership period [they probably took a 3-year period because that's the average life of the batteries -Ed]. REVA is the cheapest commercially produced electric car in the world." The vehicle is available in 6 cities in India and is currently exported to the UK and Malta. The REVA is also being test marketed in US, Nepal, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Israel, Japan, Norway and China.

Here's some text excerpts from Danny's video-blog, but of course the real content is in the videos and you'll have to see them for yourself:

I'm buying an electric car and i'm planning to share the experience of ownership in a vlog. This vlog will chart the purchase and running of an electric car day to day in central London. [...]

I'm struggling to come to terms with the idea that you can park for free in central London with this car. You'll understand what I mean if you've ever had an altercation with a traffic warden here. Due to the terrorist attacks, there were 50,000 extra cyclists on the roads last Thursday, some of whom looked decidedly wobbly. I 've also heard that the second hand value on these cars is appreciating...perhaps there is an ev future after all. Click on the image to view video. [...]

Where there would normally be an engine there's a can of water. I have to remember to water the car once a week to keep the batteries in order! [...]

And we're off! I can tell you - this thing is great. This morning I got a huge thumbs up from a man at the bus stop, so apart from the occasional 'point and laugh' it seems to be pretty popular. Mind the speed limit and those terrible road humps though...

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