Video: Battery Technology for the Nissan LEAF Electric Car

Video: Nissan
Nissan just sent us the first in a series of videos meant to "tell Nissan's Zero emissions story." This one-minute spot focuses on the Leaf, Nissan's forthcoming fully-electric hatchback. We were there in Yokohama when the car was first unveiled to the world. Since then Nissan has announced that the Leaf will emit an extra-terrestrial sound at low speeds, and that reservations will start being taken in spring 2010.The vid mentions Nissan's 1997 lithium-ion EV, the first of its kind, and claims that since then, engineers have evolved li-ion batteries to carry "twice the power into half the size." Nissan's unique laminated li-ion batteries will soon start coming out of its Smyrna, Tennessee plant, still under construction. It's also nice to hear from this video that Nissan hasn't backed off its claim that a fully charged Leaf will deliver "100 miles of real world driving."

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