Velo Mondial moves to Cape Town in 2006


"The bicycle is the world's cleanest, healthiest, most economical and most efficient form of transport." We've been saying this right here on Treehugger for ages. But when the words comes from Velo Mondial (Cycle Worldwide), the international organisation deciated to the promotion of the bicycle, it carries a bit more weight. It's almost time for this body to have their regular (every 6 years) global soiree and this time around they have decided to have it in Cape Town, South Africa. It will coincide with the Cape Argus Pick 'n Pay Cycle Tour. An event so popular that riders from 60 countries turn up for what is the billed as the "largest timed cycle race in the world". If the race doesn't enthuse to visit this stunning city (which might just rival Sydney for its natural beauty - might, I say!) then the conference program should. Under the theme of 'Towards Prosperity' it will "highlight the benefits of the bicycle such as cleaner air, healthier lifestyles, recreational choices, affordable mobility, poverty alleviation, planned cities" and such forth. Sign up some carbon credits ready for your flight, to be there, come 2-5 March 2006. ::Velo Mondial 2006