Vehicle Idling = Public Urination, says Canadian PSA (Check Out the Video) [Updated]

public peeing photo
Image: Youtube

Disturbing but Memorable

If you want people to notice your public service announcement, you could do worse than showing grown men and women peeing in public (on sidewalks, inside stores, etc). This is exactly what an environmental group from Canada did in an ad that they produced for their anti-idling campaign. Check out the video below, but be warned, there's a lot of peeing going on...

public peeing photo
Image: Youtube

"When we idle our vehicles, we're basically saying, 'Piss on the planet.' "

Green Calgary, the environmental group responsible for the ad, writes:

The negative health and environmental impacts of idling have been known for over a decade. Yet, all over the city of Calgary we are leaving our cars running while not in use for an average of 5-10 minutes per car per day. Idling is unnecessary. It wastes fuel, produces more harmful emissions than normal driving, damages engines, and contributes to climate change.

I'll Take Urination Over Fossil-Fuel Combustion

The comparison isn't actually fair. Public urination, even on a large scale, would have a much smaller negative impact on the planet than unnecessary idling. So for the love of cute kittens, turn that engine off.

public peeing photo
Image: Youtube

public peeing photo
Image: Youtube

Update: Apparently, a lot of people were wrong in attributing this video to Calgary Green. The author turns out to be 'Angry Sue'. You can see the original video and the context for its creation here.

A few months ago, I was discouraged that my simple act of asking individuals to shut off their engines was not having enough impact. My 'new to Canada' neighbour especially drives me crazy as he runs his diesel fuelled GMC extended van every morning for 20 minutes no matter what the weather. We've had a few delightful confrontations which usually end with him yelling: "You, woman, go in house. I do what I want!" He even pounds his chest. I'm not kidding. That's when I decided to produce an 'end idling' commercial. Luckily I know some very talented people who jumped on board. Here is the result. (I'll be sending my neighbour a thank you note for being the push behind the project).

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