Veggie-Powered Car Motors Across New Zealand


New Zealander James Macdonald is a man on a mission. In an attempt to prove, once and for all, that veggie-oil cars are a viable alternative to petroleum derivativies, he's taking his modified 1993 Toyota Corona on a two-week odyssey across New Zealand, using veggie oil from (where else?) McDonalds. The culmination of two and a half years' work, he invented and built the car's alternative fuel system so, according to Macdonald, "the driver does nothing"; how that occurs is a bit of a mystery, though; the details of how his technology works, which extends beyond the car to the process he uses to refine the oil, are something he prefers to keep to himself. Though still under construction, Macdonald's website indicates that kits or complete conversions are available for sale for anyone who's interested in giving it a go. He also offers to attend seminars, talk to groups and provide the car for display and test drives to help spread the gospel of vegetable-oil fuels. His journey appears to have gotten off to a bit of a rocky start, but we wish him well as his Macdiesel motors across New Zealand. ::Macdiesel via ::Stuff and ::Jalopnik