Vectrix Electic Scooter Test Drive: It Really Works!


TreeHugger has had our eye on the Vectrix electric scooter for a long time, ever since we first spotted this super fast electric scooter up through its very first delivery earlier this month. The guys at LA Cityzine had the pleasure of test-driving this electric scooter, and were impressed with its performance. Here's an excerpt:

"The machine is easy to ride, and very pleasant. It is almost silent, and the wind/road noise is far louder than any sound the motor makes. When the scooter is stopped, there is no sound coming from it at all. The only indication that it is on comes from the instrument cluster, which gives the usual feedback one would expect from a motorcycle, with the exception that it tells you about your electric charge, rather than your gasoline reserve. This, of course, is the best feature."

"Then came the fun part. I purposely accelerated hard, and the scooter shot off. That baby’s got juice! The acceleration was much faster than I expected, more like a motorcycle than a scooter...The deceleration system worked flawlessly, and was very intuitive. I keep using the term deceleration rather than braking, because the scooter also has disc brakes.

"So there you have it… the Vectrix scooter is real, it does what the manufacturer claims it does, it’s available, and people are buying them in Santa Monica."

Great to see! We can only hope that Tesla's electric car can have similar success when it hits the road next year. Thanks to Mali for the tip! Vectrix via LA Cityzine
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