Vélo Québec PSA Campaign: Share the Road (Video)

The video above is part of Vélo Québec's Partage la Route campaign (site in French, but video above in English). The general idea is to educate both drivers and cyclists on how to coexist peacefully and share the road while maintaining best practices on safety (there are lots of short videos on things like visibility and riding safely around buses). Most of it won't be new to readers of this site, but it's great to see this kind of public outreach because there's still a large fraction of the population in North-America that is simply not used to dealing with cyclists (unlike drivers in many European and Scandinavian cities). Kudos to Vélo Québec for the initiative, and we hope that other cyclist organizations will keep on educating road users. Via Velo QC, Copenhagenize. See also: The 'Sperm Bike' Carries Donor Samples to Fertility Clinics Around Copenhagen and Awesome Kid Gives Inspirational Speech After Learning To Ride A Bike! (Video)

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