Utility, Dominion Virginia, Testing Plug-In Hybrid Cars & Trucks

dominion virginia plug in hybrids photo

Image and story credit:Dominion Virginia

Here's some good news. Dominion Virginia Power has purchased for its fleet two plug-in electric hybrid cars and two hybrid-powered bucket trucks. Using them on-the-job will help the utility "determine the impact of plug-in vehicles on electricity demand and to find ways to conserve energy and reduce vehicle emissions". They note that the moded Prius (as pictured) should emit 80% less C02 than a typical midsize sedan
The two diesel-hybrid bucket trucks (as pictured) use battery power both for driving and for operating the bucket.

Third-party evaluation is what we like to see. Mitigates against potential for greenwashing and lets seasoned experts put their knowledge to use.

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Idaho National Laboratories will analyze the Dominion test data as part of a larger study of modified hybrid vehicles.
Let's hope the evaluation includes C02 emissions from electricity sources used to charge the vehicles.

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