Utah Student Building Hybrid '32 Ford

Brent Singleton, a student at a Utah technology college, is combining the old (a 1932 Ford) with the new (hybrid engine). He's put an interesting twist on the idea of the hybrid engine, though: Brent wants his power to come more from the electric side, producing something similar to the plug-in hybrid idea we've mentioned before here and here, just to name a few. Though some of the details are unclear, we admire Brent's youthful enthusiasm: "Their idea of a hybrid vehicle is that you run a gas motor to run (the) electric (motor), and then you have a little bit of battery pack to do the rest. And (mine) is a mainly electric motor so you can have any fuel system on it...it can be anything you want it to be!" Once done, he wants to build a kit to make conversions for other cars easier. Go Brent Go! via ::Jalopnik, ::KSL TV