Using Waste Heat From Hybrid Vehicle Battery

hybrid-civic-engine-01.jpgThe batteries of a hybrid are not only a source of electricity, they also can produce a lot of heat - between 270º and 340º for the Zebra battery by Zytek Electric Vehicles. That firm is currently working on a heat exchanger system that would use that waste heat to keep the car's cabin warm in winter and cool in the summer. The advantage that such a system would bring is obvious: Climate-control in the car could be operated without drawing any extra power (or less power, in any case), making hybrid cars even more efficient. Along with other systems such as using the exhaust to power the air conditioner (we wrote about it here), this falls into the "turn a problem into a solution" category. Not a major breakthrough, but every little bit helps.

::UK Team Developing Hybrid Vehicle Waste Heat Heating System


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