Used GM EV1 Electric Car Sold for $465k!?

GM EV1 Electric Car plugged in photo

We knew that people were nostalgic about the EV1 (exhibit A: The movie Who Killed the Electric Car?) and that there is a lot of demand for electric cars, but almost half a million for a 13 years old used EV1 that has been in storage for 4 years, that's a lot. Probably some wealthy collector who's speculating on one of the last remaining existing units of this historic vehicle... Read on for more details.

EV1 GM Electric Car photos

EV1 in British Columbia
The ad for the used EV1 electric car was found in UsedVictoria, a Canadian website. The original reserve price was $75k. Here's the description:

GM EV 1 excellent shape. 142,500 km's. Grandfather prepaid in 1995. Have not taken out of garage in four years. GM still want's the car so I'm looking for car collectors only, depending on the offer. Don't really want to sell it but I am taking offers. And SERIOUS offers only . I'm not letting just anyone come and see her. Please no more email's to take picture's or to "see it in real life" ! thx

It is now listed as "SOLD" for CAD$465,000.

The surprising part is that most people thought that GM had crushed all EV1s except a few that ended up in museums. This car probably is rare enough to be worth half a million bucks... And that's sad.

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