US Drivers Traveled 20 Billion Fewer Miles in April of 2008 than Last Year

Department of Transportation, Miles Traveled image

First Significant Reduction in Miles Driven in a Long Time

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has released its number for highway miles driven for April, and the downward trend is continuing. Drivers in the US traveled 1.4 billion fewer highway miles, and 20 billion miles for all public roads compared to last years, or 1.8% less. Cummulatively, 2008 is down 2.1% from 2007 so far. Not surprisingly, public transit is becoming more popular.

"The Secretary noted that data show mid-size SUV sales were down last month 38% over May of last year; car sales, which had accounted for less than half of the industry volume in 2007, rose to 57% in May. She said past trends have shown Americans will continue to drive despite high gas prices, but will drive more fuel efficient vehicles consuming less fuel." Americans Drove 1.4 Billion Fewer Highway Miles in April of 2008 than in April 2007 While Fuel Prices and Transit Ridership Are Both on the Rise, US Vehicle Miles Traveled Dropped 1.8% in April

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