Urban Golfers Find a Fun Way to Protest Potholes (Video)

pothole golf photo
Screen capture via YouTube

Potholes are ugly, irksome, and often dangerous, but sometimes it seems that no amount complaining ever really helps to get them filled. So, with that in mind, a group of forward thinking Brazilians have decided to make lemonade with all those lemons -- by gathering up their woods and irons to play a bit of golf using potholes as cups. The linksmen hope their clever putt-putt protest will attract some much needed attention to those street divots; After all, pothole-ridden roads may be an urban golfer's paradise, but it's a nightmare for everyone else.

Throughout much of Brazil, potholes are such a constant presence that many residents don't really even notice how poorly-kept their streets are anymore -- but this group of urban sportsmen from Porto Alegre hope to change all that with their clever new pastime: pothole golf.

"Our actions are meant to make people think," says Gabriel Gomez, one of the pothole golf pioneers,in speaking with Ultimo Segundo. "We want to get people to stop and think [about potholes] for at least five minutes."

Potholes are one of the most frequently overlooked problems plaguing urban areas, though they can be much more than a nuisance. Left unfilled, such holes in the streets and sidewalks can grow large and deep enough to damage cars or cause injury to cyclists, both directly and from evasive maneuvers.

Sure, potholed streets may make for an urban golfer's paradise -- but let's hope they pave it anyways.

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