Urban EVs Get Cuter! Pininfarina Shows Nido Prototype

pininfarina nido ev electric car photo

Photo: Pininfarina

Small Urban Electric Car from Italy

A few months before its Bluecar EV is launched, Pininfarina is unveiling another electric car, the Nido EV. It's a smaller urban 2-seater, but it's also a new platform on which other bigger vehicles can be built in the future. The Nido has a 30 kilowatt electric motor driving the rear wheels and a 21kWh battery giving it a range of approximately 87 miles (140 kilometers). It's obviously not meant to compete with the Tesla Roadster, but it does 0 to 60 mph in a respectable 6.7 seconds.


Photo: Pininfarina

Pininfarina gives some context about the creation of the Nido: "To celebrate its 80th anniversary looking to the future, Pininfarina now unveils the Nido EV, the first running prototype of the "Nido Development Programme", the project for an electric car conceived, designed and built entirely by the Pininfarina Style and Engineering Centre of Cambiano (Turin). The Nido EV bears witness to the skills and experience that Pininfarina has built up in the development of electric vehicles, paying particular attention to the Segment A city cars that will populate the streets of the future to make our towns more pleasant to live in."


Photo: Pininfarina

No word yet on when production would begin, but my guess would be that if things go well between Pininfarina and Bolloré with the Bluecar EV, this one might be next, using Bolloré's battery technology.

Via Pininfarina, ABG

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