Upscale Boating Goes (a Bit More) Green

fuel-cell yacht
We're not sure how many people will get to benefit from this technology—at least initially—but it's bound to please those who've been clamoring for a more eco-friendly alternative to a boat's conventional (and emissions-spewing) diesel generator. Voller Energy will begin test-driving its latest fuel-cell system, the Emerald, in a 55-foot concept yacht within the coming weeks.

According to its stats, the system emits about the same amount of carbon dioxide in a day as a person breathing out. To put that in some context, it would take a vessel equipped with the technology about 2,000 years to emit the same amount of emissions as a diesel generator does in a single day. For those who can afford it (and—assuming you have a yacht—you probably can), the space freed up below the deck by the fuel cell's smallish design will allow for "more opportunities to introduce electric-powered home comforts," according to Ken Freivokh, a yacht designer."A future yacht in five years time will be aimed at designing the whole yacht round a cell and accommodating a fuel cell will be standard issue in the marine design industry," said Freivokh. Unless this technology (or a similar one) eventually finds its way into the vast majority of the boating industry, particularly the super-polluting shipping class, its impact may prove limited.

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