UPS's New Hydraulic Hybrid Available For Test Ride In NYC

It appears as if brown continues to look green. Last week UPS announced that its ‘green’ delivery fleet had logged over 100 million miles since 2000. This alternative fuel fleet currently consists of hydrogen fuel cell, liquefied natural gas, compressed natural gas, electric and propane – powered trucks. However, UPS isn’t stopping there. The brown parcel giant has partnered with the EPA to develop a hydraulic hybrid delivery truck. Unlike conventional hybrids, this technology allows energy captured during breaking braking to be stored in hydraulic tanks. Estimates suggest that the hydraulic hybrid can improve fuel efficiency by 60-70%, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40%. For those interested in viewing the technology first hand or taking a test ride, the trucks will be on display today outside the EPA’s regional offices in lower Manhattan from 1-1:30 pm. The trucks will be parked on Duane Street between Broadway and Lafayette Street. See also ::LIME: Special Deliveryand ::UPS To Spend $600 Million On Improving Efficiency

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