UPS Using Bikes to Deliver Packages in Silicon Valley During Holidays

Doing It Old-School
Last year, we wrote about UPS doing some seasonal deliveries with bicycles in Portland. It looks like the program was successful because they're now extending it to Silicon Valley, where it makes more sense at this time of year than in, say, Maine. Unfortunately, only about two dozens of such cyclists will work for UPS this year. But it's a start.How Does It Work?
The Mercury News has a description of the system: "UPS efficiency engineers look for neighborhoods that are flat, fairly densely populated and bike-friendly. Each morning trucks drop off trailers or deliver packages to temporary storage pods placed in neighborhood parking lots. The riders load up, empty their trailers and then come back for more. The bike initiative, which totals 45 routes throughout Northern California, should eliminate the need for 20 to 25 rental trucks and save UPS about $45,000 to $50,000 in fuel and maintenance costs in the region, Daclison-Dickey says." [emphasis mine]

Via Mercury News, Cyclelicious
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