UPS Delivering Small Packages With Small Vehicles


This prototype seems well suited for Petaluma California package deliveries; but, where rain and snow are common, it just wouldn't make it. The big win for Petaluma is with local air quality and fuel savings (Southern California has poor AQ in general, and higher than average fuel prices). In a crowded urban setting, everybody benefits from reduced conflicts over parking and lane blocking by the small, white versus the "big brown" delivery vans.

The UPS branch in Petaluma, California has leased an initial fleet of 42 ZAP Xebra® electric city cars and trucks for their small parcel deliveries. This is the first time that UPS has used electric city-speed vehicles for this purpose.

Small parcel deliveries are becoming more challenging for the trademark big, brown UPS delivery vans, which is why UPS is using the electric city cars and trucks to handle small parcel deliveries. The ZAP vehicles lessen fuel consumption and reduce automotive emissions produced by current delivery vehicles. Drivers will be monitoring their electrical usage to carefully analyze cost-savings and emissions reductions.

Note:this writer has a very small amount of Zap stock, but nothing invested in UPS.

Via::ZapWorld Image credit::Flickr, Zap slide show

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