UPDATE: Sustainable Biodiesel Summit Sees Results

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Last week we reported on the Sustainable Biodiesel Summit, an annual meeting that is held before the National Biodiesel Board's convention as an effort to create positive change throughout the industry. Well, it would appear that effort is paying off — at this year's summit National Biodiesel Board (NBB) CEO Joe Jobe and Board Chair Ed Hegland announced the establishment of a "Sustainability Task Force" to address and incorporate sustainable practices within the biodiesel industry. Co-organizer of the Sustainable Biodiesel Summit, Emily Bockian Landsburg, of Philadelphia Fry-o-Diesel (who have been doing awesome work creating fuel from grease traps) was chosen to lead the task force within the national board. Rachel Burton, of Piedmont Biofuels, summed up the reasons why this move makes sense for everyone, whether they are involved in biodiesel for their ideals or their wallet:"Many people in the industry became involved with biodiesel not for its own sake, but to realize these greater environmental and social goals. Others who are involved for economic development reasons understand that the real reason consumers choose this product is its environmental and social qualities. Either way, achieving these environmental and social goals is the key to industry wide economic viability."

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