Update on the 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid


Our previous post on the 2006 Honda Civic hybrid was incredibly popular and still gets a lot of traffic, so we figured that we should give an update on what has been learned about the latest Honda hybrid since then. This post will be a kind of information-hub about the new hybrid. First of all, pictures of all versions of the new 2006 Honda Civic can be found here: Photos of the Civic sedan, photos of the Civic 2006 coupe, photos of the Si Coupe, photos of the 2006 Civic hybrid and pictures of the European hatchback version. You can find a technical summary of the three versions here and details on the Civic 2006 powertrain here. More information and links below.


HybridBlog and HybridScoop have reported that the new 2006 Civic hybrid will be rated at 50 mpg in the city and 50 mpg on the highway (4.7 liters per 100 kilometers in both cases). The previous version was rated at 48/47 mpg ( 4.9/5.0 l/100 kilometers) for the CVT version and 46/51 mpg (5.1/4.6 l/100 kilometers) for the manual transmission version. Another important change (that seems overlooked by most sources) is that the new Civic, and even the 2006 Accord hybrid, will be rated "Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicles" (AT-PZEV) as far as emissions are concerned, which is a significant step up from the previous generation and take the Civic hybrid to the Prius' league as far as emissions are concerned (on paper, anyway).

Auto journalists have also started publishing "test-drive" articles on the new Civic hybrid: Autosite.com has one that can be found here and HybridBlog has a "sneak peak" here. VTEC.net and Edmunds both have a road test of the Si Coupe.

Except in the looks department where things are always subjective, all versions of the new Civic, including the hybrid, seem to be getting good press. We think it's fairly safe to assume that in the next few months hybrids will keep selling well because of rising oil prices, so this car makes its entry at the right time.

We would like to take a second to remind everyone that having a fuel efficient car (such as a Prius or a Civic hybrid) is not a free pass to drive as many miles as possible. Whenever possible, we encourage you to walk or cycle to your destination (do you need a tutorial?). But if you have to own a car, please consider a hybrid or a small car.


For more information on the 2006 Honda Civic hybrid engine, see our previous post.

Photos in this article are from VTEC.net.
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